FP PREIS® Pyro:Stop system

Simple installation – maximum safety

Maximum fire safety in mixed installations

Reliable fire safety with the FP PREIS® Pyro:Stop system

Fire safety is an inherent aspect of cast iron pipe systems, as non-combustible materials naturally prevent fire propagation and smoke development in drainage systems. In some cases, mixed installations are a practicable solution, but the material properties entail certain drawbacks. One of the biggest disadvantages is the lack of protection against fire propagation and smoke development. Even though the cast iron pipe system is non-combustible and provides good protection, other materials can potentially cause major problems in the event of a fire.

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FP PREIS® Pyro:Stop Coupler after an event of fire. The drainage system ist closed and sealed.


  • Maximum safety in mixed installations
    Prevents the spread of fire, smoke and heat through wall and ceiling pipework penetrations
  • Simple installation
    Instead of a FP PREIS® Rapid connector, simply use the FP PREIS® Pyro:Stop fire protection connector
  • One product for horizontal and vertical installation
    Can be installed either at the branch or in the line

Your products for pipe penetration sealing through F90 ceilings

PREIS® Pyro:Stop FP-Coupling

The PREIS® Pyro:Stop FP-Coupling is made of stainless steel and is just as easy to install as the standard clamping connectors. If there is a fire, the plastic pipe connected to the branch burns away. The heat generated causes the intumescent material in the PREIS® Pyro:Stop FP-Coupling to react and completely seal the pipe opening.

PREIS® Pyro:Stop IP-Wrap

The PREIS® Pyro:Stop IP-Wrap is an approx. 4 mm thick, flexible, aluminium- laminated (grid-reinforced) panel consisting of an intumescent material that foams up in the event of fire. The PREIS® Pyro:Stop IP-Wrap is fitted around the pipe in the ceiling area and fixed in place with aluminium adhesive tape. The material foams up if there is a fire, ensuring that any cracks and openings in the ceiling penetration are securely sealed. The ribbed surface guarantees optimum sound insulation, while grid-reinforced aluminium lamination equips the wrap for robust use on construction sites.

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PREIS® Pyro:Stop Mat

The PREIS® Pyro:Stop I4-Mat /PREIS® Pyro:Stop I9-Mat is an aluminium- laminated glass needlemat, 4 mm or 9 mm thick depending on the thickness of the insulation layer, and provides further insulation above the ceiling. If required, it can be fitted around the pipe and simply fixed in place with aluminium adhesive tape. The PREIS® Pyro:Stop Mat offers optimum safety with its robust, grid- reinforced aluminium lamination.

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Pipe penetration seal system for mixed drainage systems to preserve all advantages of cast iron

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Super Metallit muffenlos (German for “sleeveless”) – market launch at the end of the 1970s as a black “ML pipe”; also referred to as Sanitary sleeveless.

For the environment – it is recyclable. For safety – it is non-flammable. For noise free operation – it is soundproof. For sustainability – collect the scrap price later instead of paying for expensive disposal.