PREIS® Pyro:Stop

Flexible and safe – reliable fire protection for mixed installations


A safe connection – no smoke development and no fire propagation

Fire protection is included with cast iron pipe systems – a non-combustible material inherently prevents the spread of fire in the drainage system. In some cases, however, the mixed installation is the practical solution, but has some downsides due to the material properties of the other pipe systems connected with cast iron.

PREIS® Pyro:Stop Coupler after an event of fire. The drainage system ist closed and sealed.

In the event of fire, the plastic pipe connected to the branch burns away and the PREIS® Pyro:Stop Coupling closes the cast iron pipe.

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Pipe penetration seal system for mixed drainage systems to preserve all advantages of cast iron


What does “SML” stand for?

Super Metallit muffenlos (German for “sleeveless”) – market launch at the end of the 1970s as a black “ML pipe”; also referred to as Sanitary sleeveless.

For the environment – it is recyclable. For safety – it is non-flammable. For noise free operation – it is soundproof. For sustainability – collect the scrap price later instead of paying for expensive disposal.