FP PREIS® SML for building drainage

Time saving to install and durable by design, our cast iron drainage system is the premium product for modern building construction. It also fulfils critical safety requirements, such as fireproofing and sound insulation.

fp preis sml

Space saving, reliable and long lasting

Future-oriented building design focuses on buildings’ entire life cycle, both in terms of cost to future customers and the long-term impact on environment and society. A proven pipe material that is easy to handle and reliable, cast iron makes for durable drainage system  that meets today’s high expectations on living standards and state of the art building services. Furthermore it is 100% recyclable, so it contributes to a positive ecological balance.

sound protection

Sound protection

fire protection

Fire protection

easy to assemble

Easy to assemble

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Technical Product Manager

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Everything you need for your drainage project

Keep it all connected with our couplings, clamps, mounts and accessories: whether a downpipe system to rainwater pipes; horizontal pipes and sewage systems in your commercial infrastructure, residential, or office projects; or drainage systems for bridge, road or tunnel projects.


Super Metallit muffenlos (German for “sleeveless”) – market launch at the end of the 1970s as a black “ML pipe”; also referred to as Sanitary sleeveless.

For the environment – it is recyclable. For safety – it is non-flammable. For noise free operation – it is soundproof. For sustainability – collect the scrap price later instead of paying for expensive disposal.