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Continuous investment in production technologies, a forward-looking product development team and our committed sales and supply chain management staff have made the PREIS Group a leading manufacturer and supplier of cast iron drainage pipe systems in Europe and beyond. We produce long lasting, stable cast iron pipe systems that are used in modern building projects as well as the infrastructure sector. Cast iron pipes are 100% recyclable and are produced largely from recycled materials making efficient use of resources.

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In our FERRO-PREIS facility, we produce grey (EN-GJL) and ductile cast iron (EN-GJS) industrial products and components. The company’s ongoing and future-oriented development made FERRO-PREIS one of Europe’s most modern foundries.


The best solution for domestic wastewater.

The best solution for aggressive wastewater and for underground drainage systems.

The best solution for road, bridge and tunnel construction.

The missing link for your drainage project and more.

Maximum fire safety in mixed installations

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A look behind the Scenes

A foundry is much more than a production site. It is a place where tradition meets innovation. Where high-quality castings for various applications are manufactured

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