FP PREIS® Drainage Systems – proven quality for the highest demands: Space saving, reliable and long lasting, the cast iron drainage system meets today’s high expectations on living standards, state of the art building services, low sound emission and safety requirements, such as fire protection.

Third party certified quality assurance:

We guarantee that our cast iron drainage pipes, fittings and couplings meet certified quality standards. Our main aim is to guarantee excellent products for the future.

tested quality

The best solution for domestic wastewater.

The best solution for aggressive wastewater and for underground drainage systems.

The best solution for road, bridge and tunnel construction.

The missing link for your drainage project and more.

Maximum fire safety in mixed installations


The sustainability is based on the material cast iron:

  • Environmentally friendly – up to 100% recyclable
  • Resource saving – pipes are made of up to 100% scrap iron
  • Durable – a lifespan of 50 years and more
  • Sustainable – valuable recycling raw material instead of disposal costs
  • Sustainable – valuable recycling raw material instead of disposal costs
  • Safety – non-flammable (highest fire protection class A1 or A2)
  • Low noise emission – effective soundproofing by design

Cast iron with lamellar graphite has superior sound insulating properties. Due to the material’s mass and structure, cast iron pipes are inherently sound insulating, making them the best choice for quiet drainage pipes.

EN 877 is a European harmonised standard for cast iron building drainage. Products marked “EN 877” meet the requirements of this standard.

Since the products are standardised, different manufacturers’ systems can be mixed and matched in one drainage line. No additional fire protection is needed.

The products of those casting manufacturers who are members of the Gütegemeinschaft Entwässerungstechnik Guss (GEG) – a German quality assurance association of cast drainage pipe manufacturers – can be mixed and matched in the same system without loss fire protection properties.

The members of the German quality assurance association of cast drainage pipe manufacturers GEG are listed on the GEG website (, have a GEG certificate and the GEG logo (“G”) on their products.

GEG-certified manufacturers are inspected annually by an external body according to RAL-GZ 698, which exceeds the requirements of EN 877. The annual external audit guarantees process reliability and consistently high product quality.

CV or CE connectors for SML pipes were not considered in the approvals for fire protection solutions, as the use of RAPID connectors is both safer and more economical.

To protect the cut edges of FP PREIS® KML pipes from aggressive waste water, they must be protected after the pipes have been cut to length. This is ideally done with our FP PREIS® PEP edge protection tape. We also recommend protecting the cut edges of FP PREIS® SML pipes in the same way.
FP PREIS® SML drainpipes with a nominal diameter (DN) of 80 became known and were sold with the introduction of the European DIN EN 12056 standard in 2001, mainly as this dimension is also suitable for toilet connections. At the end of 2021, PREIS GmbH discontinued all DN 70 products from its Drainage Systems product range.
After years of parallel use, FP PREIS® has now replaced its DN 70 drain pipes and fittings of the SML range with DN 80, mainly as this diameter is also suitable for toilet connections. In view of the very small dimensional differences, keeping both dimensions does not make sense, therefore PREIS GmbH removed all DN 70 products from its catalogue.

In accordance with the relevant standard EN 877, pipes, fittings and connections are subjected to a 24-hour hot water test at 95 °C. Furthermore, a temperature change test with 1500 cycles between 15 °C and 93 °C is carried out. Depending on the medium and pipe system, the temperature resistance of pipes, fittings and connections must be checked, with our resistance lists providing initial guidelines.

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