FP PREIS® KML drainage system for aggressive waste water

Whether in canteen kitchens, laboratories or hospitals, FP PREIS® KML is the ideal choice for dealing with aggressive waste water
fp preis kml

Cast iron socketless drain pipes for special requirements

Due to the properties of the materials used, FP PREIS® KML offers all the advantages of a cast iron drainage system, such as soundproofing, fire safety and temperature resistance. Furthermore, the special coating system of FP PREIS® KML provides protection against aggressive sewage water and makes the pipe system suitable for underground laying.


Highly chemically resistant


Can be laid underground

weatherproof KML

Weatherproof and not sensitive to heat and cold

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Everything needed for your drainage project

Keep everything connected with our couplings and clamps! Wether you want to connect a downpipe system to rainwater pipes, horizontal pipes and sewage systems in your commercial infrastructure, residential, or office projects or you need accessories to mount and connect your drainage systems for bridge-, road or tunnel projects.


Küchenentwässerung muffenlos (German for “kitchen sewage socketless”) or Korrosionsbeständig muffenlos (“corrosion-resistant socketless”)

FP PREIS® KML was developed for the drainage of aggressive waste water. FP PREIS® pipes and fittings are specially coated. Available in sizes DN 50-200 (ask us for a resistance list; larger diameters available on request). Ask our technical department about the possibilities for your specific application.