Business policy

PREIS is an innovative developer and producer of electrical components, foundry products, welding constructions and drainage systems. Highest priority in our business are the long-term existence, continous growth, technology and market leadership in all busines area of operations. The high quality standar of accomplishments for our customers and a long-term customer satisfaction are essential for that. In parallel to the necessary economical success we pursue long-term positive corporate development. This includes the compliance to relevant legislation, the fulfilment of social requirements as well as continouos improvement in quality, environment and health/safety with the usage of optimal techniques and provision of necessary resources. In desire to perceive leadership responsibility and to put our objectives into operation we maintain an integrated management system that includes following principles:

  • Consistent protection of product quality before start of production
  • Consistent prevention of failures and elimination of error cause
  • Permanent optimization of all business processes with the goal to only run robust processes
  • Involve- and development of suppliers regarding our quality philosophy
  • Assessment / feedback of our customers
  • Minimize costs and increase performance
  • Strengthen our competitive position
  • Every employee contributes to achieve and secure the quality standard through personal responsibility
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  • Continous reduction of pollution by avoiding respectively reducing of emissions and scrap
  • Optimal usage of resources, especially energy, raw materials and water, as well as consequent improvement of energy efficiency
  • Inclusion of environment and energy aspects already at planning and development of new products and processes
  • Execution of continuous measures to save energy as well as investigation of relevant data
  • Prevention of environmental accidents by preventive measures
  • Open communication with authorities, customer and public
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  • Avoid health damage by preventive measures
  • Reduce industrial accidents
  • Use of safe machines and work equipments
  • Obtain and promote long-term performance of our employees
  • Ergonomic work place design
  • Removal sources of danger and risks
  • Promotion of safe behaviour of employees and visitors
  • Care, order and cleanness in the workplace
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  • We nurture a family like, friendly corporate culture with a high level of appreciation, respect and work life balance
  • We will work hard for maintaining a high level of job security as well as security of employment
  • We care for your health
  • We provide well equipped work places to ensure a high level of productivity and no stress because of malfunctioning tools and equipment
  • We define interesting job profiles, in which you are able to work internationally and, at the same time develop a wide range of competencies
  • We offer an extensive set of learning opportunities, based on periodical learning & career development discussion.

The management of PREIS declares this business policy and the associated fundamentals as mandatory for all business processes, organisational units and all employees. Every employee contributes to its fulfilment. The obligation to communicate relevant information from this Business Policy to employee, customers and other interested parties is carried out by trainings, bulletins in the Company as well as on our internet Homepage. A high effectiveness is secured by regular monitoring and assessments of the status and progress by management.