FP PREIS® BML for road, bridge and tunnel construction

Capable of withstanding acidic exhaust gases and road salts, FP PREIS® BML drainage pipes and fittings meet the stringent safety requirements placed on modern drainage.
fp preis bml

FP PREIS® BML cast iron drainage systems for roads, bridges and tunnels

Dimensionally stable and capable of withstanding shocks and high temperature fluctuations, cast iron has a clear advantage over other pipe materials. As well as being robust and durable, the material has a positive impact on the entire life cycle of the overall construction. Being 100% recyclable, our pipe system contributes to a positive ecological balance.

low thermal

Low thermal expansion



dimensionally stable

Dimensionally stable and shockproof

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Everything needed for your drainage project

Keep it all connected with our couplings, clamps, mounts and accessories: whether a downpipe system to rainwater pipes; horizontal pipes and sewage systems in your commercial infrastructure, residential, or office projects; or drainage systems for bridge, road or tunnel projects.


FP PREIS® BML is a high performance pipe system with an extremely durable outer coating, while the focus with the FP PREIS® KML system is on a durable inner coating.

Brückenentwässerung muffenlos – German for “Bridge drainage socketless”.

The FP PREIS® BML system is ideally suited for outdoor installation: bridges, overpasses and underpasses, car parks, tunnels, property drainage (underground installation). Due to the special requirements for drainage pipes in traffic structures such as bridges, tunnels and multi storey car parks, a particularly corrosion-resistant outer coating is necessary.