Area of application

Our cast iron drainage systems for buildings and infrastructure, such as bridges, roads & tunnels are space saving, reliable and fulfill key safety requirements, including protection against fire.

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Building drainage

From 1982, cast iron socketless pipe systems have fully replaced the socket pipe in building drainage. A proven material, easy to handle fittings and reliable couplings make for a space saving, fail-safe and durable pipe system that meets today’s high expectations on living standards and state of the art building services. It also fulfils crucial requirements, such as sound insulation and fireproofing.

Bridge, road & tunnel drainage

Cast iron can withstand severe environmental influences for a long time. Rugged and durable, cast iron pipe systems can also absorb high temperature fluctuations, shocks and, due to its material characteristics, remains dimensionally stable in all common situations. The whole pipe system can be recycled – a benefit throughout the building’s entire life cycle, both in terms of the costs for future customers and regarding its long-term effects on the environment and society.

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