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Build a sustainable future with cast iron

Made largely from scrap iron, our drainage system pays a positive contribution to modern building and infrastructure construction. Fully recyclable and with its lower ecological footprint, it offers environmental benefits both now and in the future.

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FP PREIS® Drainage Systems – a focus on circular economy

„Sustainability in the construction industry begins with resource-saving production of building materials! “

With focus on climate change and the associated challenges of the coming years, the choice of ecologically sustainable building products is an essential contribution to positively influencing the entire life cycle of building projects.

FP PREIS® DS cast iron drainage system is predominantly made from steel scrap, i.e. from recycled resources. This means a reduction in the use of primary raw materials and less waste production through reuse.

The Ferro-Preis d.o.o. foundry produces its castings using electric melting furnaces. This means that no fossil fuels are used in the production process, resulting in significantly lower CO2 emissions.

All the benefits – with no additional materials!

  • The material properties of cast iron meet all the requirements of modern building technology in terms of fire safety and sound insulation. This saves time and material resources in assembly.
  • Cast iron is not combustible ( Waste water pipes do not need to be fitted with additional fire protection materials for fire safety reasons.
  • Cast iron as a material and the wall thickness of the cast iron pipes meet the sound insulation requirements of < 30 dB without additional sound insulation measures.
  • Simple, energy efficient assembly. No complex joining techniques or special tools are required. The drainage system can simply be assembled with an Allen key – that ́s it.
„Sustainability in the construction industry ends with disposal!“

Cast iron pipes are 100% recyclable! This means that after their useful life, old cast iron pipes can be used to produce new ones of the same quality. A waste product becomes a secondary raw material.

Cast iron pipes are free of harmful substances and do not have to be disposed of as hazardous waste. An established collection system for building materials means a recycling rate of almost 90% in Europe. (source: Click here)

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