Fire safety and excellent sound insulation are the key benefits of cast iron drainage systems. FP PREIS DS® , moreover, is your first choice for sustainability and low environmental impact. Our cast iron drainage system is fully recyclable, giving you a positive impact on your project’s ecological balance.
Advantages Fire safety

Fire safety

Cast iron pipe systems meets all requirements for building drainage and is due to its material characteristics not flammable, non-combustible and in the event of fire, no smoke is produced by the systems.

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Sound protection

The high density of cast iron and the buffering effect of the rubber lining in the couplings minimise sound transmission.

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Made largely from scrap iron, our drainage system pays a positive contribution to modern building and infrastructure construction. Fully recyclable and with its lower ecological footprint, it offers environmental benefits both now and in the future.



Durable, stable and easy to handle on site – further characteristics that speak for cast iron drainage systems.