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A foundry is much more than a production site. It is a place where tradition meets innovation. Where high-quality castings for various applications are manufactured daily with passion and precision.

FP PREIS® Cast Iron Pipes – The Art of the Centrifugal Casting Process

Since 1991, the foundry FERRO-PREIS d.o.o. in Cakovec, Croatia, has been part of the PREIS Group. FP PREIS® cast iron pipes, which are used for building drainage, are produced here using the centrifugal casting process. This process is a proven technique that enables us to produce pipes of outstanding quality and durability.

The process begins with the careful selection of high-quality and sustainable raw materials, which are brought to the optimal temperature in an induction furnace. Specially designed molds, known as chill molds, are rotated, causing the liquid iron to distribute evenly along the walls of the mold through centrifugal force.
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This results in a homogeneous material distribution and optimal density of the cast iron pipes. After controlled cooling, the pipes undergo a quality control inspection before receiving a high-quality coating both inside and outside through an automatic coating process. It is a fascinating process where heat, precision, and experience come together to create products of the highest quality.

FP PREIS® Fittings – from Model Making to Finished Casting


Many steps in the production process are necessary before a finished cast iron fitting comes off the line. Model making plays a central role here. Our experienced specialists create precise models and molds for each individual fitting in various dimensions and angular positions. Advanced software and state-of-the-art technologies are used in this process.

The production of a core is a crucial step in manufacturing the fittings. In our core production facilities, precise cores are made to define the internal shape of the castings. In producing fittings, we combine traditional casting techniques with innovative processes to create products of outstanding quality. Our casters, grinders, and craftsmen work with great care and precision to ensure the highest quality for our customers.

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The sales representatives of the PREIS® Drainage Systems department specialize in one or more regions. Therefore, our sales network offers the advantage of having a specific contact person for each region. Additionally, our back-office staff is available to answer any questions regarding the ordering process and logistics. If technical questions arise, you can contact our technical product manager.

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