Partnership for success

We are pleased to welcome our new logistics partner, Wenzel Logistics GmbH from Graz, on board. Spedition Wenzel is responsible for the distribution of our central warehouse for FP PREIS® cast iron pipe systems through to delivery to our customers. 

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The success of a company in today’s globalized world often depends on cooperation with strong logistics partners. Logistics is much more than just the transport of goods. It covers a wide range of activities aimed at making the right products available at the right time in the right place.

As a medium-sized logistics company, Wenzel Logistics GmbH is strategically perfectly positioned with its location near Graz. The production site of FP PREIS® cast iron pipe systems is just 1.5 hours away by car. As a transport company operating throughout Europe, our customers are supplied across the continent. With storage areas in open-air warehouses, covered spaces, or indoor facilities, our cast products find the best place to be optimally protected from environmental influences.

By working with a strong, family-run logistics partner who shares the values and goals of our company, synergies can be created and challenges can be mastered together.

Efficiency through optimization

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Effective logistics enables companies to reduce costs, optimize processes and increase customer satisfaction. By integrating the latest technologies such as digital tracking, automated warehouse management systems and data analysis, companies can continuously improve their logistics processes and adapt to changing market conditions.

“The key success factors for satisfying our demanding customers in order processing lie in the criteria of quality, time and costs – fast and punctual delivery in the required quality at optimized costs. If just one criterion is not met, the customer is not satisfied with the delivery of goods!” explains Beatrice Jägersberger, Head of Sales & Marketing.

A balanced consideration of these three factors is of central importance for the corporate success of the PREIS Group.

Sustainability as a driving force

Logistics is responsible for a significant proportion of global CO2 emissions. Wenzel Logistics GmbH illustrates the company’s attitude towards nature and the environment by shifting a significant proportion of truck transport to rail: “We reduce CO2! We travel by rail! We don’t talk about shifting from road to rail, we do it!” (Source: About – Wenzel Logistics).

Sustainability is crucial for both the PREIS Group as an industrial company and for Wenzel Logistics GmbH. The integration of common, sustainable goals and values ​​helps to achieve ecological, social and economic benefits.

Logistics covers a wide range of activities aimed at making the right products available at the right time in the right place. This holistic approach to managing the flow of goods plays a crucial role in every company’s value chain and ultimately in its economic success.

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