The perfect addition for efficient drainage systems: the new PREIS® DS rain standpipe

As a renowned manufacturer of cast iron drainage systems, we are pleased to present our latest product: the PREIS® DS rain standpipe. With this new element we are expanding our range to offer you an even more efficient solution for the drainage of your outdoor areas. In this blog article you will learn everything you need to know about our high-quality rain standpipes and the advantages.

Als renommierter Hersteller von gusseisernen Entwässerungssystemen freuen wir uns, unser neuestes Produkt vorzustellen: Das PREIS® DS Regenstandrohr. Mit diesem neuen Element erweitern wir unser Sortiment, um Ihnen eine noch effizientere Lösung für die Entwässerung Ihrer Außenbereiche zu bieten. In diesem Blogartikel erfahren Sie alles Wissenswerte über unsere hochwertigen Regenstandrohre und die Vorteile. 

What are rain standpipes?

Rain standpipes are vertical, 1m long pipes that create a safe and stable connection from the house’s roof drainage system to the sewer drainage. The quality of the material of our PREIS® DS rain standpipes corresponds to the usual excellent quality of PREIS® DS cast iron pipes and fittings and creates a uniform product line, which is now ending in the municipal drainage system. The handy pipe with a length of 1m, which can be painted according to individual project requirements, is a stable and vandalism-proof addition to the overall portfolio of our drainage system and thus creates a consistent system for your project.

Field of application

In which situations and environments cast rain standpipes are particularly useful? Wherever it is not only important to meet an aesthetic requirement, but also safety is of major concern. With PREIS® DS rain standpipes, you install an individually paintable element that fits perfectly into the design of the building. But it also offers the safety benefits you are used to from PREIS® DS SML, such as preventive fire protection that is virtually built into cast iron as an absolutely non-combustible material without accessories or other safety measures. It also offers stable protection against vandalism. Even experienced karate fighters who are trained to smashing bricks, will at best get a bruise on a cast iron pipe! Commercial buildings, underground and parking garages, urban infrastructure, parks and public spaces are the ideal fields of application for our new product.

The advantages of PREIS® DS rain standpipes

  • 100% recyclable
  • vandalism proof
  • non-flammable
  • individually paintable

Quality and sustainability

With the PREIS® DS rain standpipe you focus particular to the topic of sustainability and environmental protection. PREIS® cast iron pipes are 100% recyclable and have an extremely long service life. After the life cycle of the product, the material does not become an expensive case for waste disposal companies and landfills, but it can be completely recycled and cast becomes cast again – the same quality. Real recycling instead of downcycling. Do something good for the environment and trust upon sustainable materials in planning and construction!


If you have any questions or require further information, please contact our technical or sales department. We look forward to supporting you on your way to even more sustainable construction projects!

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